Mission Statement
As a school dedicated to the patronage of St. Leo’s the Great and administered by the congregation of the sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, St. Leo’s Catholic Private School strives to provide qualitative education that is focus on the holistic development of the child. Promoting Developmentally Appropriate practices in the provision of early childhood education. St. Leo’s Catholic Private School is geared towards providing and upholding academic excellence, formation of sound character through the development of spiritual, intellectual, physical and administrative and preservation of nature.

The learners are inspired to reflect on Jesus in the Eucharist, to rise and shine amongst their peers in the spirit of enquiry, inquiry, observation, service and leadership quality.

To admit learners and place them in the appropriate class of their age/ability.
To ensure learners readiness to learn.
To organise educative programmes for learners through classroom teaching and field trip (in and out Nigeria)
To organise on going formation programmes for teachers and other staff.
To provide all the necessary tools and equipment for educational and recreational activities/programmes for learners and staff.
To celebrate our Catholic identity through the liturgy, sacraments, feast of St. Leo, feast of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus by introducing learners to prayer and adoration.
To promote religious inclusive respect for other faiths and people of other religions.
To encourage participation in extra-curricular/co-curricular activities such as Scout movement, Red Cross, Man of Order and Discipline (MOD), Music, Act and Craft, Home Economic/Home keeping.

To stimulate the learners and staff to become more aware of Social Justice issues, Child Right Acts and to appreciate how their immediate personal and communal decisions and actions can have far-reaching consequences on others (adapted from St. Francis Catholic Secondary School’s handbook).
To participate in the educational activities organised by the church, state and community